mercoledì 1 aprile 2009

Usually, to bake the perfect soft and yum bread and bread rolls gluten-free, it's necessary to have always more than one bread flour mixture in your drawer. That's what I've already understood from some of the greatest gluten-free bakers from the forum "Cookingwithaffection" where I'm a member since a few mounts now. Unfortunately I can't find all those different flour mixtures, which they use for their breads. That's why I like so much "Schar" products. All their products are gluten and lactose free, nut free, soy free.... I have my own drawer in my kitchen which I call "dr. Schàr's corner" and I never leave it to rest empty. The bread and pie flour never miss inside there, sach as the Mùsli and the Schar's Cornflakes. I'm receiving their magazine every mount, which is full with a wonderful and very easy recipes, which never calls for other flour mixtures and the results are always very good and soft. Ecsactly as the comertial ones. The first recipe I've tried from their magazine was the White Sandwich Bread, which I absolutely love. Yesterday I made my second try with these emaisingly good milk bread rolls. They were so tasty and soft! Ecsactly as I remembered the MacDonald's bread rolls, which they use for the famose "Cheese burgers" in their menus. I thought I'll never try Fast food again in my life.

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