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My Grandmother's Parfait!

Parfait al ananas

per la base:
5 uova, temperatura d'ambiente
1 tazza di zucchero (io ho usato di canna)
1 tazza di farina mix Mehl ("Farina" Schar per pasta e torte salate)

300 ml panna per dolci di soia: soyatoo
1 barattolo di ananas al naturale
mandolre affettate

E un dolce molto facile e semplice, ma moooolto buono!
Accendete il forno a 150°C. Imburrate con una margarina senza lattosio (io ho usato Prima) o oleate leggermente uno stampo a cerniera.
Battete le uova intere con lo zucchero per circa 10 minuti con lo sbattitore ellettrico, io ho fatto nel robot da cucina che e più facile, fino a che diventa un composto ben gonfio. Poi con il motore ancora acceso gradualmente (cucchiaio dopo altro) aggiungete la farina e battete per altri 5 minuti. Trasferitelo nello stampo ed infornate per circa 20-25 minuti, però vale sempre la prova stecchino, perche io ho fatto all'occhio!
Nel frattempo scollate l'ananas sopra una ciottola, perche dovete conservare il succo. Poi frullate la polpa.
Quando la base e pronta, senza toglierla dalla teglia, come e ancora calda buccatela molto bene da per tutto con una forchetta. Fate molti bucchi uno accanto all'altro. Poi la inzuppate tutta per bene con il succo dell'ananas. Mi racomando, usate tutto il succo, perche deve essere inzzupatissima!
Poi copritela con la polpa di ananas frullata. Montate la panna, soyatoo e una panna che monta, e un ottima alternativa per questo tipo di dolci, qui non si trova nei supermercati ma la ordino online. Coprite il dolce con la panna, poi con le mandorle affettate e lasciate in frigo tutta la notte. Il giorno dopo, togliete le pareti della tegia e servite.
Io le mandorle li ho usate per decorare dopo, ma originalmente, mia nonna la copriva tutta per bene o con le mandorle o con le noci, come volete.
Qualunque tipo di frutta sciropata puo essere usata. E ottimo anche con le pesche! D'estate quando mio marito mi porterà le fragole la proverò siguramente anche con quelle. Sarà scuisita!

This cake was my favorite when I was a kid, my grandmother used to make it every year for my birthday because she knew I really love it. These days I had some sad moments and I was thinking too much about my past, my childhood and my happy days in Bulgaria with my family. Lets say I was trapped into the homesickness. So, I wanted to make something that will remind me about home and of course it couldn't be else but my granny's Parfait.
The truth is that I failed three times before I finely found the right gluten free flour for this cake. The first time I logicaly used the cake mix, but for some unknown for me reason, it didn't worked out. I thought I did something wrong and I tried a second time. But it failed again. And then again. So, I thought that unfortunately this cake can't be made in a gluten and lactose free version. Thinking about everything I've red about the gluten free baking I remembered that: every recipe can be turned into a gluten and lactose free version. There is no such thing as: impossible! So, I decided to make one last try. One of the most important rules for the gluten free cooking tips is that all the ingredients should be brought at room temperature. When I started to do that I found out that my cake flour mix was finished! There were only the bread mix and the one for crepes and pies. In the first moment I decided to wait until I buy the missing flour, but then I thought: "Wait a minute you silly girl! If you failed three times with that cake flour, isn't this telling you that you simply used the wrong baking mix?" This time I decided to use the savory pies flour mixture. Surprise! It was not only a success this time, but it had exactly the same taste as my grandmother's one! Oh, that really brought me into my happy past! I confess, my husband tried only two pieces of it, the rest was all for me!

Pineapple Parfait

for the base:
5 eggs
1 cup light brown sugar
1 cup all purpose flour (gluten free: mix Mehl)

300 ml whipping cream (lactose free: soyatoo)
1 can pineapple in a natural juice
sliced almonds for decorating

Turn on the oven to 325°F. Lightly grease a round baking pan with a lactose free margarine or butter.
Beat the whole eggs with the sugar about 10 minutes, until reach a fluffy and creamy consistency. With the motor of the hand mixer still turned on gradually add the flour, one tablespoon at a time and beat 5 more minutes, until it's completely incorporated. Transfer into the prepered baking pan and bake about 20-25 minutes or until a wooden stick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.
Meanwhile, dry the pineapple onto a small bowl, because you'll need the juice later. Pour it into the food processor and reduce it into a pure consistency.
When the cake is ready, without removing it form the pan, pit it immediately very well with a fork. Make many holes one next to other. Then pour all the pineapple juice over the hot cake. Use all the juice, do not be affraid, because it must be very well soaked. Then cover with the pineapple pure.
Whip the whipping cream and cover the fruit pulp. Sprinkle the whole top well with a sliced almonds and put everything in the refrigerator. Refrigerate overnight.
In this case I used the almonds as a decoration on the next day, just before serving, but originaly my grandmother use to cover the entire cake with chopped walnuts. You can do as you like.
Pineapple can be substitute with any kind of canned fruit. It's perfect with a canned peaches or strawberries.

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